My name is Karina Ramos and I am a business consultant, brand expert and growth strategist that has dedicated her life to helping entrepreneurs say goodbye to fluorescent lighting, pot luck lunches, and bitchy bosses forever.


I was able to retire my husband, Chris, a photographer and videographer, in 2017 and we now travel the world doing the work that lights our soul on fire, togethaaa! xo 

In 2017 alone, our clients generated over a MILLION dollars in passive income revenue. Yea girl, I said a million. Not crazy, not impossible, not a pyramid scheme. You can create the life and business of your dreams, on YOUR terms. You just need the proper tools and resources to get you there and fast. 

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Traveling all over the world is something that we made a firm decision about when we decided to take on The Voyage Society full time. Being location independent is one of the biggest reason why we started this business and teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same with ease, is important to us. Being immersed in a different country surrounded by different cultures, fills our soul up. We have created our best content when we are out of our element and lost in paradise. 

As digital marketers, owners of a full service Marketing Agency and social media influencers; we understand what it takes to provide authentic marketing for your brand, destination or product. Through photography, videography, and social media, we bring our audience along on our adventures and share the best of what we love: Work & Play.

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